Servicing, MOT & Repairs

Mazcare offers you peace of mind servicing with fixed price services and repairs.

Your car's service will be recorded by resetting the service indicator, officially stamping the service book or recording on the digital service history register.
Experts in DPF and timing chain repairs.

Combining the quality of service and repairs with the most competitive prices guarantees your satisfaction.

Providing our customer with a unique "mechanics" view of the condition of their car.
Images are taken and forwarded to the customer via email or whatsapp and, followed by a telephone call from one of our service team, to explain and discuss each image in detail giving the customer a greater insight.

Digital Service Reporting service is free and is in addition to the detailed reports already supplied by Mazcare.

Mazcare has always committed to providing the highest quality of service and now with the transparency of Digital Service Reports can enhance the customers experience and build confidence.

The team here at Mazcare believe in offering our customers an excellent quality of service at competitive prices. Call us now on 01902 456300 for a free no obligation quote for your next service - we are happy to help.

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